Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CrAvInGs?!

Do you crave random fruits and vegetables? Do you imagine yourself eating deluxe deserts that you usually only ever eat twice in your life? Do you hunger for one food, and one food only?
Welcome to my world.
I LOVE food. And I'm more than allowed to love it with this crazy hobby of mine (Irish Step Dance). But how can I possibly handle these ridiculous cravings?! Well. I looked to the Internet for some answers, and this is what I found(:
  • Drink a glass of water whenever you're hungry
  • Imagine yourself eating the food your craving with as much detail as your little brain can muster
  • Stick to a regular eating schedule with well-balanced meals (I mentioned this in yesterday's post. Yay!)
  • Don't completely deprive yourself of the things you crave. Intake wisely(:
I know I'm gonna keep craving crazy things. Being pregnant someday will be a nightmare, I can already tell. But, there's nothing wrong with loving food(: And I actually believe that if you don't like food, you're not human. If you hate food, you need to find some help.
Eating disorders can destroy anyone. Don't let the pressure of the world suck you into thinking you have to be perfect. Because you are the perfect you(: Craving things is natural and normal! Indulge yourself every once in a while(: Be happy!

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